Engineers to Loisa's new house, "Don't be like Loisa" - Teachers ng Pinas

 Engineers to Loisa's new house, "Don't be like Loisa" - Teachers ng Pinas

Kamakailan lang ay nagpost si Loisa Andalio ng isa sa kanyang achievement sa buhay. Matapos niyang mapagawa at matapos ang kanyang pinapangarap na bahay, ay bumwelta ang mga engineers at architect hinggil dito. 

Narito ang naturang post:

“Trabaho pa, Loisa, para matapos na,” says Loisa Andalio as she shares a glimpse of her nearly-finished home on...

Posted by StarStudio on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Binaha ito ng batikos at bwelta lalong-lalo na sa mga mata ng mga propesyonal matapos na ipagmalaki ni Loisa na hindi raw sila nag-hire ng propesyonal sa pagpapagawa ng kanilang bahay. 

Narito naman ang mga komento ng mga netizens hinggil dito. 

Engineer Dee


It's not bad to dream to build your own house. But it's bad to build that house without hiring the right people like architects and engineers. 

A name that is familiar to fans of Pinoy Big Brother, Loisa Andalio has saved up enough money from being a celebrity of three years to build her own version of a dream house, but probably not enough to invest in an architect and engineers to design and erect it. By saying it proudly in an interview with ABS-CBN News, she is setting an example to her followers and fans that what she is doing to save money with regard to constructing a house is okay. 

Well, it's not. 

Always think about house construction as a long-term investment with the right safeguards. The first critical step for that is to let the people do the job they are paid to do in building a house. Like architects who start and prepare the designs, then engineers who make the plans possible and execute them on the ground. It is a collaborative effort between these two professions to make a house liveable, comfortable, and safe. The absence of the expertise of these people could pose risks to the family that will live in that house. The Andalio family, for example. 

With the house already completed based on the photos here, architects and engineers can only express collective frustration that another house is built while neglecting the role of architects and engineers.  

Do not be like Loisa Andalio. Please.

At narito pa ang isang post ng netizen na bumwelta rin: 

MC Architect 

Seemingly the rear part of the house.

I don't wanna question her needs and wants for her dream house, what keeps me bugging is: How did she managed to have built it without getting any building professionals [1]... in which building permit requires sign and seals of these Pros.

Photo courtesy of STAR STUDIO

For your reference:
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[1] Loisa did not hire any professionals to design her house according to this post:

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