Kilalanin ang isang netizen na kumuha ng kursong 'Psychology' para sa kanyang Nanay! - Teachers ng Pinas

Kilalanin ang isang netizen na kumuha ng kursong 'Psychology' para sa kanyang Nanay! - Teachers ng Pinas

Isang netizen ang nagviral at nagpaantig sa mga puso ng netizens matapos niyang ibahagi ang kanyang kwento sa social media account niya sa Facebook. 

Kung ano ang konteksto na nag paantig sa mga netizens? Ay eto at sabay-sabay nating basahin!


She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia when I was 2 years old.

As a child growing up, I never really understood my mom. She would laugh hysterically and she would scream, waking up the whole neighborhood. Passersby in our street would be frightened, some would get curious if there was a fight going on in our house, and some eventually got accustomed to it.

I never heard my mom’s lullabies, only her screams. She never walked me through in our graduation but she walks back and forth for hours in her dark room. I never tasted any of her recipes, although I heard she's a good cook, but she bit me for giving her food late. My brother once went home with bruises and black-eyes. He told me he finally fought back from his bullies who were making fun of our mom.

Back then, we could not afford her medication and her therapy. That’s why, when I got the chance to enter college in MSU-Marawi, I never had any second thoughts. I promised myself that I would choose Psychology to cure my mother from her disease, the disease that took her away from us, that took her chance to parent us, to love us.

She died last 2007. It was painful because I could no longer achieve my dream for her. And once again, she did not get to see me graduate and pass the board exam.

I am now taking up my Master's Degree in DLSU-Manila. And whenever I get demotivated, as I always do, I just think that this is not for me. This is for my mom, for all the mothers who are suffering from mental disorders, and for all the people who might be needing our help.


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