Viral 'Hustle Boy' received a present from a TV Host - Teachers ng Pinas

Viral 'Hustle Boy' received a present from a TV Host - Teachers ng Pinas

After the photo went viral, a grade 12 student food delivery service used only his rollerblades to deliver his products in Barangay Tunasan, Muntinlupa City.

Eighteen-year-old food delivery boy Kean Arcilla Ramos was identified as highly admired for his ability and strategy, to be able to help his family and provide for his ailing father now with a pandemic crisis.

This young man has a strange approach, as motorcycles or bicycles are usually used by delivery services, which Kean prefers to use rollerblades to deliver his own coffee and chocolate jelly products.

And because of his viral image, many netizens admired the grade 12 student and they wanted to send help to the young man.

One of them is the famous TV host, professional volleyball player, and former PBB celebrity edition housemate Ms. Gretchen Ho.

Gretchen Ho gave Kean a new bicycle that he could use to deliver his products.

Kean was also the first to be given a bike from Ho's new charity project for our working frontline workers in the midst of the pandemic crisis. *

Photo from Facebook 

Ho's project aims to have the benefit of our front-liners who attend their respective jobs despite the difficulty of traveling due to the lockdown.

Ho's project with the help of his former colleagues in professional volleyball established a charity drive called the Women in Action Project (WAP).

WAP will distribute 50 free bicycles to deserving beneficiaries of employees and frontline workers affected by their livelihoods due to the transportation crisis.

It will be recalled that Kean is a grade 12 student who aspires to help his family especially and his father is sick that he and his older brother are looking for life for their family.

Although, his older brother who is also a grab food delivery rider also helps, their father is the main seeker of life for their needs. 

Photos from Facebook @Gretchen Ho

But due to an unexpected event, their father suddenly had the prostate disease and was not yet in school, so he decided to take advantage of the opportunity to earn even in a small way.

"I started delivering my products with my own money because my father stopped traveling. No one will pay our bills, and we have been piled up since the lockdown," said the Grade 12 student.

"I sell coffee and Chuckie jelly to help my sick father (enlargement of the prostate) who is catether and unable to work," Kean said in an interview with him.

Since Kean had no other vehicle to use and could not drive, he decided to use the rollerblades that his aunt had found in Singapore. 

Photos from Facebook @Cherry Arcilla Ramos

"I really thought of this business to help my father. But then I went through a lot of hardships at first. I was very demotivated when I was rejected and there were no buyers," Ramos added.

However, he still did not stop selling his product. "I'm calm down, I'm offering," he said.

His mother, Cherry Arcilla Ramos, was very proud of him, while he was wearing roller blades carrying his father's borrowed Grab food bag, and uploaded it on social media.

He was photographed by his mother while delivering using rollerblades. They went viral on social media so the number of buyers for his products increased.

"Mama loves to take pictures of me because she is proud of what I do. I was even annoyed when she took pictures of me and then uploaded them to Facebook," said Ramos. *

Photos from Facebook @Cherry Arcilla Ramos

Ramos also clarified that his father and older brother work at Grab. He said he only used the bag to store his coffee and chocolate jelly products.

So far, Ramos' photo has reached almost four thousand shares and it has also become the subject of various news on social media.

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