Soul of a baby who past away, showed in her funeral - Teachers ng Pinas

Soul of a baby who past away showed in her funeral - Teachers ng Pinas 

Philippines - August 17, 2020: A Netizen shared on Facebook a photo of her baby who recently past away due to disease. 

Creepy photos were being posted by Daisy S. Ginete as she claims that they have seen the soul of her baby who past away at exactly her funeral. 

According to Ginete's post, she is not sure if the creepy soul she saw was on her baby. But there is a a bigger chance that it was! 

As seen in the photos, there's something being seen in the camera. In which they suspected that it was the soul of their baby!

"kamukha mo sya oh!" Daisy added on her post as she really believes that it was really their baby who past away! 

Full post: 

"Bebe bat bumangon ka! Diko sure Kung ikaw un na sa likod ni Papa 😞pero ramdam ko ayaw mupa talaga mawala💔😭 kamukha mo sya oh.. 😭 Mahal na Mahal ka nila ate 🥺"

Netizens also shared their insights about the post, some of them believe that it was really tampered and for fame purposes but there are few individuals who also supported the thoughts of Daisy. 

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