Persistent kid, make ways to adjust with the new normal 'Online Class' in their province - Teachers ng Pinas

Persistent kid, make ways to adjust with the new normal 'Online Class' in their province - Teachers ng Pinas

"If desired, there will always be a way." 

This famous line can be related to the story that we are going to share with you! In which, there's a kid from Untaga, Alicia, Bohol, Philippines who pursues online class even though he's location is from the far-flung area!

Photos from Miyay, Facebook

Arvin Jay Bartolome Curangcurang, a grade school student pursues online class even though his location isn't convenient when it comes to phone connectivity. 

Photos of him were shared by his parents while he's doing his online-class at the middle of the mountain. 

Photos from Miyay, Facebook

As can be seen in the photos, the kid is really patient and eager to learn. Salute to the parents of Arvin for making his Online Class possible! 

Face-to-Face learning isn't possible nowadays, and as per expert says. This pandemic could last for up to 2 years estimated! To adapt to this new normal, DepEd decided to implement the Blended-learning to deal with this battle and continue learning at the comfort of the students. 

There are also different types of learning that students can choose from to deal with this pandemic: blended learning, module type of learning, online class session, face-to-face learning (in some universities)

However, the step that the government of the Philippines has given received a lot of critics from its people. People are discussing how we should deal with this pandemic and etc. 

There are also individuals who put there trust in the hands of our government officials. 

The story of Arvin and his strong spirit & willingness to learn is the best example that all kids should look-up! May all the parents in the Philippines would do the same and do their best to give their children the education that they deserve! 

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