Aeta proudly finishes SHS and overcome discrimination and challenges - Teacher ng Pinas

Aeta proudly finishes SHS and overcome discrimination and challenges - Teacher ng Pinas

Bimiana Capuno, an Aeta, graduates and proudly overcome discrimination and challenges during her schooling. Bimiana shared to the public and inspired the netizens on how she overcome the obstacles and struggles in her dreams to graduate SHS. 

“Hindi lahat ng Ayta sa bundok lang nakatira. Kabilang ako sa bumaba sa hawla upang maging isang katutubong magandang halimbawa. Baluga, kulot, ignorante madalas na tawag sa amin na para bang napaka layo namin sa kabihasnan,” Bimiana told the netizens in a Facebook post that has gone viral.

She also emphasized to the public that, reaching her dreams as an Aeta isn't that way too easy. Despite the fact the she received a lot of discrimination from most people she met personally, she still managed to graduate and overcome those hindrances she encountered during the process. 

Bimiana Capuno, Aeta, during her graduation pictorial via / Bimiana herself.

Bimiana is a beneficiary of Project Malasakit program by Filipino journalist, Kara David. She finished her schooling at General Academic Strand from Holy Angel University in Angeles, Pampanga. She was motivated and supported by the program to leave the tight-knit community in the mountains just to continue her schooling. 

Bimiana admitted that there are days the she was unsure about her journey but still she kept her faith in believing that one day, she can prove to the world that aetas have also something to offer. 

She also cited that, "to those individuals who are most likely the same with my situation who receives a lot of discrimination and being bullied to always keep motivating yourself and do not lose hope."

The young girl also thanked the individuals behind her success, the scholarship, teachers, coaches and family support that she received during the process. Thanks to those individuals who helped her out to reach her dreams! 

via / Teachers ng Pinas


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