Homeless man: "Don't take too much son, leave some for other people" - Teachers ng Pinas

Homeless man: "Don't take too much son, leave some for other people" - Teachers ng Pinas

The act of kindness should everyone possess, but in reality, we cannot expect others to have this. The homeless man taught his son a life lesson that we or everyone should also remember! 

A group on individuals are roaming around in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian to look for people that might need help during this pandemic. And without any guess, they found this homeless man together with his son on a street. 

In a video posted by Muhammad Adzim Bin Abdul Adazaiz on Twitter [@AZ69], the group of him paused in a while and asked them if they needed something, and the homeless man replied with a "yes". They immediately stopped over for a while, and handed over the food and two bottles of water. 

The son of homeless man innocently star at his father with a thought if the food would be enough for them, and his father replied immediately saying... "Yes it's enough, we have to leave some for others  as there are many individuals out there who haven't gotten eaten it yet."

The boy felt embarrassed, and made his way behind on his wheelchair's dad to hide for the Good Samaritans. The team realized and learned that the reason why homeless man is sitting on his wheelchair it is because of the traumatic experience he had 10 years ago which made his legs broken. Although the Doctors replaced his broken legs with metal rod, still it is broken, and didn't get a chance to go back to hospital and fixed it due to lack of financial. 

The two continued to go on their path, but the group of Good Samaritans left speechless on what they just witnessed. 

They tried to find the location of the two and they found out that they are living behind the closed shops - the good Samaritans are now doing their best to provide more food and secure a safe house for the two as they were truly shocked and inspired by the thoughts of homeless man! 


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