Amid heavy rain, this FoodPanda driver slips off and quickly fixed himself up and continued delivering - Teachers ng Pinas

Amid heavy rain, this FoodPanda driver slips off and quickly fixed himself up and continued delivering - Teachers ng Pinas

This FoodPanda driver received a lot of mixed emotions by the netizens after he slipped off somewhere the streets during his duty. He picked himself up quickly and immediately continue working like nothing just happened! 

Since the Enhanced Community Quarantine has been implemented, we are all advised to stay at our homes and limit ourselves to go outside as much as we can. Although, we the government of ours are also thinking about the needs that we need to buy in a daily basis, they have given us the Quarantine Pass. In which, one person or one member of your family is allowed to go outside and buy basic needs or grocery items in mini-stores or grocery stores. 

Companies from different famous Fast-food chains are also doing their best to continue their service amid of pandemic. That's why FoodPanda is there to bring your cravings at your comfort! Food delivery staff or drivers like FoodPanda can also be consider as front-liners. 

Imagine the struggle of these drivers just to deliver your cravings amidst of this pandemic. The sacrifice, risk, and danger they encounter just to bring the food that you want. What makes the scenario even more sad is that, there are still people who placed order just for fun and when the driver completed their orders, they immediately cancelled it. 

A guy from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, shared a photo of a FoodPanda driver who slipped off from his wheels during a heavy rain. Low Kh, said that the driver slipped on the street at exactly in front of his home. 

As what we can see in the picture, it is really obvious that during that time, he experienced a heavy rain. Although no one is able to helped him, he was able to get up and immediately checked for his delivery box if the food is fine. He also checked for his body if he's injured or not and thankfully, he doesn't have any injuries. 

It's just so sad that there are still impatient customers who cancelled their orders just because it took too long. I mean, we should all be considerable about this kind of work. They are all doing their best just to deliver our food to us and they get pressured to by the time given. Please consider those delivery guys and be patient guys, you know what I am saying. PEACE! 


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